I cut my teeth in enterprise IT while leading a network and systems management practice back in 2000. The experiences that I gained working with Fortune 100 clients like Aon Corporation and growth-driven startups like Orbitz forever shaped my perspective. Much has changed in the intervening years, but the tenets of enterprise web development remain the same:

  • Exceptional performance and scalability
  • An iterative, agile approach
  • Rigorous change management
  • Proactive capacity planning
  • Expert systems integration
  • Vigilant security practices
  • Reliable fault-tolerance and recovery

Technivant's History with Enterprise Open Source

In the last decade, open source has surged in the enterprise. Sensing this trend, in 2007 we began working with forward thinking enterprise clients who grasped the potential of Drupal. Many of these client didn't have the tools and processes in place to leverage the power of Drupal. We have succeeded by specializing in building full-service enterprise implementations of Drupal. Our experience is both broad and deep. We've had our hands-on every major Drupal module system, helping our clients transform the way they use open source to achieve success.

We help clients capitalize on Drupal as a unified platform for low-cost, centralized management of multiple websites.

Drupal @ MIT

In 2008, MIT, an early adopter of Drupal for academic sites -- departments, labs, organizations and clubs -- selected us to develop a suite of Drupal sites for the MIT Office of Sponsored Projects. We've worked closely with MIT OSP over the years, helping them upgrade to responsive Drupal 7 sites.

MIT subsequently selected us to provide similar solutions for the MIT AeroAstro Department, the MIT-Harvard Health Sciences and Technology Department, and the MIT CDIO initiative.

Realizing the broad potential of Drupal, the Institute built the MIT Drupal Cloud, a free-to-use enterprise implementation of Drupal. MIT faculty, staff and affiliates have deployed hundreds of sites using the Drupal Cloud. We have been involved with several Drupal Cloud sites in a variety of roles.

A Drupal SaaS Provider

We fully develop, customize, and maintain a 400-site Drupal SaaS implementation for a provider of custom websites. As their Drupal developers, we engineer their entire Drupal platform, developing countless features, providing round-the-clock support, and spinning up new, responsive themed, content-ready sites in a few hours. We provide upgrade and content migration strategies to keep their platforms viable between major versions of Drupal. And we have helped them re-purpose their custom Drupal implementations to expand their offerings to other verticals.

We work in close collaboration with their in-house resources who previously had no experience with Drupal. We've trained and empowered them to take over site build-outs, content administration, end-user training, and day-to-day maintenance and support.

Corporate Websites

We've worked with a number of corporate entities to provide high-performance web sites, marketing portals, and other multi-tenant solutions. Some examples:

Scaling Drupal for the Enterprise

We consistently help our enterprise clients leverage Drupal to deploy sites rapidly, with significant cost savings over standard techniques. Our honed, highly tuned enterprise deployment workflows best time-to-site-build and time-to-theme benchmarks by other providers. In turn, we have incorporated these efficiencies into every site we build, no matter the size.

Enterprise-Grade Drupal Infrastructure

Implementing large-scale Drupal without a large-scale infrastructure plan is a recipe for disaster. There are infrastructure implications in every new line of code, every module selected and installed. You cannot have continuous code integration without continuous infrastructure refinement.

Whether your organization needs help retooling its in-house IT for Drupal or you are seeking the best outsourced Drupal hosting provider for your needs, we have the experience and the partnerships to lead you to success.

System Integrations with Drupal

Enterprise Drupal implementations frequently require integration with existing systems. We have experience providing cost-effective integration between Drupal and various back-end systems. Some examples:

  • RESTful web services
  • Quickbooks / Drupal (bi-directional)
  • LDAP / ActiveDirectory / Drupal
  • SAML / Drupal
  • Custom data warehouse / Drupal
  • Apache Solr / Drupal
  • Siloed MySQL databases / Drupal (bi-directional)
  • Flash / Drupal Web Services
  • Shibboleth / Drupal
  • Mapbox / Drupal
  • Various e-commerce / Drupal
  • Salesforce / Drupal
  • HighRise CRM / Drupal
  • CiviCRM
  • SMS gateway / Drupal (Twilio, Clickatell, Zeep, Opt It)
  • And more...

Drupal 8 in the Enterprise

Drupal 8 is a game-changer for enterprise Drupal. We're excited to be building Drupal 8 sites today and we are eager to discuss how we can bring our considerable Drupal experience to bear on your project. Contact us to start the discussion.

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