Long proponents of open source technology, MIT's AeroAstro Department sought a complete relaunch on Drupal.

    MIT AeroAstro Responsive Design
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    A Lasting Partnership

    Technivant has teamed with AeroAstro's communications team for over five years, providing a wide array of Drupal services:

    • Responsive web design
    • Faculty and research staff profile pages
    • Lab profile pages
    • Student surveys
    • Private faculty pages
    • Staff-only resources
    • Touchstone/Shibboleth certificate integration with Drupal
    • Video micro-site with custom search
    • Image galleries and slideshow
    • Event management and notification system
    • News letter integration
    • System integration, deployments and Drupal maintenance

    I want to say how much we appreciate your rapid responses to all issues we present, big and small. It certainly doesn’t go unnoticed and that’s why we like having you as our developers.

    Bill Litant, Communications Director, MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
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    A Rich, Mobile-First Approach

    Students, staff, and prospective students frequently visit the AeroAstro site on smaller devices.

    Originally deployed in 2011 with separate desktop and mobile themes, AeroAstro wanted to stay current with the latest trends in responsive design. We worked with them to reconceive the site with a completely responsive, mobile-first Drupal theme. We achieved a highly consistent and usable experience across all devices without having to rework or migrate any content or take the site out of commission.