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Project Overview

  • Entrepreneurs can share "elevator pitch" videos with investors
  • Videos can be synchronized with Powerpoint slides
  • All communications between entrepreneurs and investors are secure and private
  • Users can track which investors are viewing their pitch and how often
  • Forums, buddylist, "invite a friend", and social bookmarking features

Project Goals

Technivant was selected to build a new Web 2.0 site for Startup.com, a leading community for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. The new site allow users to create and share video elevator pitches: users upload their video along with slides from Powerpoint, then set timings and slide transitions to keep Powerpoint synchronized with the video. They can invite investors to view their pitch or make them public to the entire community. Entrepreneurs can then track activity for each pitch (who views, when, how often).

All users can communicate via private messages and pose and answer questions in the site's discussion forums

Technology & Expertise

Pay-to-publish: entrepreneur can create a draft video pitch for free, but must pay to make it viewable by others

Private content (user selects who can view their pitch)

Secure communications between entrepreneurs and investors (via SSL)

Custom Flex application to manage video pitches

Video encoding from multiple formats