• Users can sign up, declare a goal and form a team of friends to help achieve the goal
  • The site recommends teammates (friends) based on your profile (similar goals, age, gender, etc)
  • Complete privacy and anonymity for all users; other users can only see your team and blog posts if they are members of your team
  • Every member can keep in constant contact with his/her teammates via email, web, and text message

Take a look

  • My Mighty Team Landing Page
  • My Mighty Team home page
  • My Mighty Team I Will Write
  • My Mighty Team Noteboard
My Mighty Team - Profile Setup

Set a Goal; Find Teammates to Support You

The client wanted an intuitive site that makes it easy for members to declare their goal, find teammates, and invite others to sign up. They also wanted each member to be able to maintain a profile. A list of their teams, comments, blog posts and other content they create would be shown on their profile page Members must be able to:

  • Blog about their goals and the steps they are taking to achieve them
  • Send Twitter-like status notes (text messages) to their teammates when they need support
  • Bookmark their favorite topic pages and subscribe to favorite authors
  • Maintain a personal profile
  • Find lists of their teams, blog posts, and comments on their profile page
  • Send each other messages of support
  • Create topic pages (e.g. "How to Quit Smoking")
  • Contribute resources and other helpful web links
  • Accumulate user points
  • Flag offensive content
  • Use social bookmarking tools to share the site on other social networking sites
My Mighty Team - Messaging Options

Technology & Expertise Utilized

  • The site's team architecture is built on a heavily customized version of the Drupal Organic Groups modules
  • Several custom modules where also developed to provide Facebook-like features (friend list, private messaging, groups, member guestbooks)
  • Numerous custom Drupal Views, Blocks, Templates, and a custom theme augment core Drupal to provide the same kind of intuitive user experience that visitors have become accustomed to on other large social networking sites
  • All messaging (SMS, email, web) is controlled by the Drupal Subscription and Notification modules. This allows members to pick and choose how they want to be updated for each of their teams (SMS for some, email or web for others)
  • Integration with other social services (Plaxo, Gmail, Digg, etc) to foster growth and encourage member growth and stickiness

Technivant has always delivered what it promised, on time and within budget. Estimates and scheduling were detailed and crystal clear.

Joan Greco, President, My Mighty Team