Custom Timber Log Homes is a Tennessee-based design-build firm with over 35 years of experience in the log home industry.

CTLH approached Technivant with an underperforming, partially complete Drupal 7 site shortly before it was scheduled to launch. We worked together to re-work the site architecture and conform to Drupal best-practices.

The site launched on schedule with tons of great features.

Custom Timber Log Homes home page

Outstanding Customer Service & Customer Involvement

The site is a vital conduit for communications between CTLH and each of its clients. From project inception, through design and construction, and even after the home is completed, CTLH uses the site to communicate with clients and walk them through the process step by step. Clients are provided access to a private section on the site where materials are submitted for their review and comment.

CTLH uses Drupal’s blog capabilities to document construction projects, describe innovative building techniques, introduce green building strategies, and engender an appreciation for superior log home construction.

Similarly, using Drupal’s multi-user blogging features, clients can submit blog posts on their experiences during the design process.

Custom Timber Log Homes plan

A Purely Virtual Design-Build Process

Through videos, photographs, diagrams, 3d drawings and animations, the CTLH site relies heavily on visual media to convey its message and collaborate with clients. Technivant upgraded the site from the legacy Drupal imagefield functionality to Drupal’s new Media module, which provides a centralized library for managing all of the site’s media assets. This prevents duplicate copies of the same file, improves site performance, and lowers operating costs for hosting and bandwidth.

The site’s extensive construction gallery provides a thorough behind-the-scenes look at log home construction, and demonstrates CTLH’s prowess in the industry.

When you wake up in the morning, is your first thought, "I am a [email protected]$$." ? If it isn't, it should be.

Chris Sparks, Co-Owner, Custom Timber Log Homes