Paint By Number Museum

Client's Goals

Paint By Number Museum wanted to provide a searchable collection of several thousand artworks. They wanted the site to feel like a museum, allowing visitors to browse and search the collection by keyword, manufacturer, catalog, box sets, artist name, and much more.

The client's non-technical users needed to be able to easily upload and maintain the entire collection. Lastly, the client wanted the site to function as a social network for a community of PBN collectors who could log in to the site, upload, and share their artwork in the Museum's collection.

Technology & Expertise Utilized

  • Drupal open source content management system (CMS)
  • Configured social networking modules to enable collaborative editing of museum content
  • Custom content types for paintings, box sets, and catalogs
  • Image processing and handling to allow rapid scaling, compression, and storage of thousands of images

Bottom Line

Over 10,000 paintings in the collection with new ones being added daily.